Natural Science and Discovery <p><strong>Natural Science and Discovery</strong> (2149-6307) is international open access, peer-reviewed scientific research journal that provides rapid publication of articles in all disciplines of Life science such as Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Nanotechnology</p> en-US (Bektas Tepe, Ph.D.) (Elena Jalba) Wed, 29 Sep 2021 20:46:57 +0300 OJS 60 Effects on C-phycocyanin content of Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis of culture medium containing geothermal water. <p>This research aimed to compare effects on product quality and algal growth of inoculation ratio of <em>Arthrospira platensis</em> in the culture medium containing 20% geothermal water. <em>A. platensis</em> was inoculated at the ratio of 1/6, 1/10, and 1/20 of nutrient medium volume (2500 mL). The experiment medium was prepared with 20% geothermal water and 80% distilled water. Schlösser medium, 100% geothermal water medium, and 100% distilled water were used as the control group. At the end of the experiment, Spirulina biomass was obtained by filtration through 80-micron plankton cloth and freeze-dried at -60 °C. Increasing inoculation density shortened the culture time and increased the growth rate compared to the other groups. The best growth among the experimental groups was obtained in a 1/6 ratio inoculated Spirulina group in a 20% geothermal water medium. Among the experimental groups, dry biomass was obtained in the Spirulina group inoculated at 1/6 in only 20% geothermal water medium. The optical density value was 0.989 (A<sub>750</sub>), and the biomass yield was 0.476 g/L in the experimental group, the highest among the Schlösser groups was 1.259 (A<sub>750</sub>), and the biomass yield was 0.928 g/L. The most efficient growth and phycocyanin content was determined in the 1/6 inoculated groups. The phycocyanin content in the experimental group was found in 22.49%, and the purity rate was 2.24. In control groups, 3.73 purity and 28.62% phycocyanin were determined in the Schlösser medium. While 48.42% protein was detected in the geothermal water group, 61.64% was obtained with the Schlösser medium.</p> Sibel Bayıl Oğuzkan, Betül Kut Güroy Copyright (c) 2021 Sibel Bayıl Oğuzkan, Betül Kut Güroy Wed, 29 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0300