Slant helices in dual lorentzian space 3 1

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Derya Saglam
Duygu Ozdamar
Serhat Ozkan


In this paper, we consider a unit speed dual Lorentzian curve a in dual Lorentzian space D31 and denote by {T ,N, B } the dual Frenet frame of a. We say that a is a slant helix if there exists a non-zero dual constant vector feld U in D 3 1 such that the dual function <N;U> is a dual constant.
Moreover, we give some characterizations of slant helice in terms of their dual
curvatures. Finally, we show that dual tangent indicatrices and dual binormal
indicatrices of slant helices are dual helices.

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Saglam, D., Ozdamar, D., & Ozkan, S. (2016). Slant helices in dual lorentzian space 3 1. Natural Science and Discovery, 2(1), 3–10. Retrieved from
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