The analysis of solid waste and effluent water management in Diyarbakir and Batman districts

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Nilgun Onursal
Ali Riza Kul
Deylem Onursal


Objective: Diyarbakır and Batman are located in the south eastern region of Turkey. The distance between them is less than 100 km. Diyarbakir with a population of about 1,607,437, is the second largest city in Turkey's south-eastern Anatolia region. Also, Batman became a city in 1957 after the discovery of oil deposits starting in the 1940s which resulted in the Batı Raman Oil field, now the largest oil field in south-eastern Anatolia region & Turkey. The oil field caused a rapid and on-going population growth in Batman after its foundation.

Material and methods: Diyarbakır and Batman cities, District Environment Circumstances Reports.

Results: Regarding recycling, Diyarbakır recycles 13,74 % of the waste that is collected and for Batman the percentage is 19,8. Therefore, despite the fact that Diyarbakir shows more development for the amount of solid waste produced by the public Batman municipality is more effective in the manner of recycling

Conclusion: This paper is focuses to analysis of solid waste and effluent water management applies to two of the largest cities in the south-eastern Anatolia region.

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Onursal, N., Kul, A. R. ., & Onursal, D. . (2015). The analysis of solid waste and effluent water management in Diyarbakir and Batman districts. Natural Science and Discovery, 1(3), 80–84. Retrieved from
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